Hi, it's me!

I can't wait to tell you more about this journey! I started messing around with photography when I was in middle school. My mom bought me a little point and shoot camera and that thing came everywhere with me. From then on, I pretty much always had a camera with me. I had always felt like an artistic person, but never quite knew what medium fit me best, until I got that first camera.

Hi, I'm Alaina!
Wedding photographer, professional creeper, memory freezer.


I don't really consider this a job.

For me, it's so much more than that. This truly is a part of my identity.
I love weddings - everything about them. I love making connections with my couples and their loved ones. I love documenting every detail of the day. I love attempting to dance with two cameras swinging on my hips. I love hyping people up and telling people how beautiful they look all day. Photographer is who I am, it's not just what I do.

I never had any interest in photographing weddings. While I was in art school, I was exploring my options as a photographer and photographing weddings always came up in conversation. I acted like I wasn't interested, but to be honest, weddings terrified me. It's a huge responsibility to be the one in charge of preserving all of these memories. Now, I thrive on that responsibility.

Working a regular 9-5 never really felt like me. When I would put on my "work clothes" I always felt like I was putting on a costume, but it felt like it was what I was "supposed" to do. I decided to go into the counseling field after I finished up art school, continuing photography on the side. Always daydreaming about it being a full time career.

Want to know something funny?

In 2015, I started working professionally as a portrait photographer and I started dipping my toes in the wedding world in 2019, shortly after I got engaged. I fell so in love with them, that I left my job as a school counselor in 2020 (in the middle of a pandemic) so that I could fully devote myself to this business. I never looked backed!

Weddings are truly where I thrive. I pick up my camera and I feel like a whole other side of me comes out. I see the world differently through the lens of my camera and I love being able to show that to my couples.

This could be so much more than just a side hustle.

Until I realized...

Walking with my pup, Bernie
On a day trip with my husband and son
In a yoga class
Hanging with family
Hiking in the Hudson Valley

When I'm not photographing, you'll probably find me:

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