Hi, it's me!

I'm more than just a photographer.

I take a hands on approach to your day, assisting in any way that you need and getting to know you along the process so I can anticipate moments before they happen.

I'm Alaina!
Iced coffee addict, light seeker, observer of moments.


This is so much more than just a job for me.

This truly is a part of my identity. I love weddings - everything about them. I love making connections with you all and your loved ones. I love documenting every detail of the day. I love attempting to dance with two cameras swinging on my hips. I love hyping you up and telling you how great you look all day. Photographer is who I am, it's not just what I do.

After I got engaged, I became obsessed with wedding photography. Being able to capture every moment - from your parents staring at you lovingly during your first dance to your grandparents blotting away tears as you walk down the aisle - it truly feels like a superpower.

It also allows me to give the gift of experiencing moments that you may not have known were even happening on your wedding day. 

Want to know why I love this?

On a long family walk
Drinking coffee
In a yoga class
Hanging with family
Hiking in the Hudson Valley

When I'm not photographing, you'll probably find me:

five star reivews


weddings captured


years in business


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