September 2, 2022

Cozy Vermont Couples Session


Their Shoot: Vermont A-Frame in Winhall, VT

When Monique and Jason asked me to photograph them at their adorable a-frame cabin, (and offered a bonus getaway for me and my husband!) my response was an immediate and enthusiastic yes. 

The moment you walk up to the cabin you feel the bohemian vibes. It’s surrounded by trees, nestled right on the edge of the Green Mountain Forest, and filled with charming details from its original 1965 construction. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a stretch if a Caamp album just started playing spontaneously in the background.

Their space was perfect for an intimate photoshoot, from every cozy detail to their cuddly pup, Snowball. 

Their Love Story

Jason and Monique have the quintessential modern love story. They met on Tinder in 2016 and have been inseparable ever since. Thank goodness they both swiped right, because now they get to live happily ever after with their sweet dog. Talk about couple goals! 

They love spending time in their A-frame building fires, sampling craft beers, hiking, skiing, and cozying up for LOTS of puppy snuggles.  

Monique & Jason

Thank you so much for inviting Joe and I to stay at the A-frame for the week. We loved having a woodsy getaway and spending time in your cabin was such a fun opportunity to get familiar with the space before your session!

Photographing you guys was an absolute blast! You were both complete naturals in front of the camera; your chemistry radiates from every single photo. It’s easy to see how much fun you have together and just how much you love one another. 

Since this shoot, Monique and Jason have tied the knot! They celebrated their big day at Whitechapel Projects.

Are you looking for someone to capture life’s adventurous moments? Let’s get to know each other better. Hi, I’m Alaina!


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