September 21, 2022

Wedding Portraits in Mountainside, NJ | Christi & Matt


Their Session: Mountainside, NJ

Like so many of us, Matt and Christi had to postpone their original wedding plans and ultimately ended up having an intimate backyard wedding…but didn’t end up wearing their wedding outfits! They decided they deserved to commemorate their special day (I completely agree, don’t you?!) with wedding portraits that feature their two pups (and memorialize their late dog, Ava). When they asked if I’d be up to it, my answer was a resounding yes. 

We went to the sweetest spot for their photoshoot, perfect for the privacy these dog-lovers were looking for. It had perfect woodland vibes, complete with a pine-tree arch. There were so many beautiful moments during this shoot, it’s hard to pick a favorite. 

For me, it might be a toss-up between Matt (finally!) seeing Christi in her wedding dress or the couple’s adorable Mr. & Mrs. beer toast! This day was such a fun embodiment of the couple: down to earth self-described weirdos (my favorite kind of people), who are completely in love and always ready to have a good time.  

Love Story

Matt and Christi met through a mutual friend, but didn’t get to know each other until a few years later when Christi’s friend texted her letting her know Matt was newly single. Although initially uninterested, Christi’s mind changed when she received a video of some guy drunkenly dancing in a giraffe onesie— she immediately responded saying “Give him my number, that’s my soulmate.” Little did Matt know, Christi had a similar drunken performance in a giraffe onesie the year before! Fast forward five years and later the couple is still madly in love. Talk about a match made in (giraffe) heaven! 

Christi & Matt
I had so much fun with you and your pups! Our photoshoot honestly felt so comfortable— like a regular day of hanging out with friends and sharing a few drinks. You are so easy-going and fun to be around. Your love is magnetic and such a joy to witness. Anyone around you can see just how much you enjoy each other’s company. It’s clear that you have many years of love and laughter ahead of you!


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