March 16, 2023

Sunrise Engagement Session | Kayla + Bri


Their Session: Point Pleasant, NJ

I was so excited when Kayla and Bri said that they wanted to have their sunrise engagement session at Point Pleasant. It was a perfect opportunity to get together, enjoy the sun and sand and walk the boardwalk. We ended up spending the day playing games, eating ice cream, and watching a gorgeous sunrise. The only thing I loved more than the scenery is the absolute warmth that radiated off this couple – you can tell just how much they love each other by being around them. They’re self-described kids at heart who truly have so much fun together!

Their Love Story

Kayla and Bri met unofficially almost a year before reconnecting online when Kayla took a video for Bri’s family at Chowderfest in LBI. They didn’t even realize that they had met previously until 3 months into their relationship! Is it just me or is that literally a sign that the universe is pushing them together? This couple still feels right at home on the beach, but they also enjoy going on adventures together; from exploring new places with their Golden Retreiver (aka angel baby), Leo, to driving just going out on a scenic drive. They’re always up for an adventure together!

Bri & Kayla

Photographing you both is always so SO fun. You have become so much more to me than just clients. I love being able to document all of your special memories. You are the sweetest couple and the best dog moms! I loved that our day together felt more like hanging out with friends. It was so fun adventuring down the shore with you both—let’s go back soon to play more boardwalk games! I cannot wait to see you both tie the knot at Perona Farms next July.

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